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TWENTY-ONE 16 OZ bottles of amazing await you with over 100 varied whole food ingredients. Nourish your body (at approximately 1200 calories per day) while you lose weight and improve health.

Select 'VEGAN' and we will replace all bone broths (SOOTHE/SAVORY) with with INFUSE vegetable broth or CALM lemongrass consommé. (VEGANS please note that ENERGIZE is made with honey).

Select "ACTIVE" and we will add a SUPERHERO on any day in which an ENERGIZE is scheduled for consumption, and will add an ENERGIZE on any day in which a SUPERHERO is scheduled for consumption for added nutrition and calories (additional $33).

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Regular cleanse includes:

  • 3 CLEAN pineapple basil alkaline water
  • 3 REBOOT pear yuzu alkaline water
  • 2 SOOTHE chicken bone broth with miso
  • 1 SAVORY beef bone broth
  • 1 HEAL zucchini basil
  • 1 RESTORE Japanese sweet potato
  • 1 SATISFY lentil chickpea
  • 1 REBUILD asparagus leek
  • 1 ROBUST kale minestrone
  • 1 PROTECT split pea chlorophyll or 1 PREVENT carrot ginger turmeric
  • 2 CALM lemongrass consomme *
  • 1 INFUSE vegetable broth
  • 2 SUPERHERO nuts & seeds
  • 1 ENERGIZE strawberry cashew
- Actual cleanse package may vary, depending on availability.

This package contains products with common allergens, including nuts and soy. For a complete list of all ingredients in each soup, please see the nutritional label under each soup flavor in the SOUPS page. If you would like to customize your cleanse, please select the PICK YOUR PACK option, create your custom 1 Day Cleanse and then multiply by the number of days you would like to cleanse. For further questions on the PICK YOUR PACK option, please email us at info@soupure.com. Happy souping!