Goop Review: Soup Cleansing & Why It’s So Good

 Soup Cleansing—And Why it’s So Good

It’s pretty well-established that we love a good cleanse. While we tend to gravitate toward longer whole foods-based detoxes, sometimes we’re inclined to juice it out for a few days, too. But in the colder months, when our bodies crave warmth and comfort, juice at every meal isn’t very appealing. And so soup—the ultimate comfort food—makes a whole lot of sense as a wintertime alternative. (That’s one of the reasons we always include a few in our annual detox.)

Soup has other benefits, too: Since it relies primarily on vegetables rather than fruits, it’s super low on the glycemic scale, and it’s packed with fiber, which makes it pretty filling. Before digging in, we asked frequent goop contributor, Dr. Frank Lipman, for his opinion: “I feel strongly that a proper cleanse needs nutrients that support the body’s innate detoxification systems and anti-microbials to kill the “bad” guys in the gut, as those are a common source of toxicity. And soup is a good way to deliver those nutrients, as the food does not have to be digested and it’s easier on the digestive system. Just be sure you’re avoiding the common foods that trigger inflammation (gluten, dairy, soy, corn, nightshades, etc.).”

We tested out the concept with LA-Based Soupure and we’re duly impressed by their nourishing and delicious soups. Because you get to eat (rather than drink) your meals, time on the cleanse felt like any other day, rather than a trying period to get through on the path to a clearer head and increased energy. We have yet to test the others, but have heard good things.


A day on Soupure includes a combination of veggie soups, really nourishing bone broths, super hydrating alkaline water drinks, and chilled snacks. The way the cleanse is spaced out, you end up drinking or eating something every other hour, so there’s really no opportunity to feel hungry. Plus, instead of slamming a bottle of greens, we actually sat down and savored the food. The chicken bone miso broth was incredibly satisfying, the zucchini basil lunch was surprisingly hearty, and the Superhero nuts and seeds blend, which we had for breakfast, tasted better than most desserts. They have one, three, and five-day options along with a mini three-day cleanse that allows for a solid dinner.


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