Thanksgiving Cooking With Bone Broth

Chefs have been using bone broth as a secret weapon for centuries, and it’s no secret that bone broth offers plentiful nutritional benefits. Bone broth contains collagen which protects and stabilizes the joints, amino acids which reduce inflammation, and minerals that support cellular and liver detoxification– just to name a few. With Thanksgiving around the corner, you may start to think about the relative who you wish would eat healthier, or the kids who could always use more nutrients.

Your prayers have been answered: we have selected the top five Thanksgiving recipes in which you can use our Bone broth! Thanksgiving recipes using bone broth will not only supply the benefits (joint health, gut health, beauty benefits) of bone broth to your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, but also give it a rich, umami taste and body.

Be sure to get quality bone broths that are rendered from organic, antibiotic free animals (ideally that are grass fed, air-chilled and on a quality diet). Soupure offers a selection of quality broths- you can shop our bone broths here. You can even ‘stock’ up on our broths for the whole Holiday season to make more of these recipes for Christmas and New Years feasts.

Here are our top five picks for broth-infused Turkey Day recipes:

Classic Gravy


“Great gravy can only come from great stock”.  Melissa Clark of The New York Times offers a wonderful guide to make great gravy.  Make your life easier: you can make a gravy ahead of time out of chicken bone broth and roux, and enhance it with turkey drippings on Thanksgiving Day.

Sweet Potato & Sausage Paleo Stuffing


This Paleo-friendly recipe will make you realize “how much better (aka flavorful) it is than the traditional soggy bread mash!”  Veggies, sausage, aromatics, bone broth — and no bread!  Recipe here

Cornbread Stuffing with Kale and Mushrooms


This recipe comes from health counselor and chef Pamela Salzman, a friend of the Soupure community.  The ingredients call for 2-3 cups of chicken, turkey, or veggie stock which you can substitute our bone broth for. You can also use our vegetable broth to make this into the perfect Thanksgiving dish for the vegetarians in your family!

Healthy Mac & Cheese (Yes, it exists!)


“Healthy Mac and Cheese: one heaping cup of comfort food for just 350 calories.” Grab a few bottles of our bone broth for this one, as the recipe calls for 5 cups of stock. Recipe here

Paleo Turkey & Vegetable Soup


Wondering what to do with your leftover turkey and veggies? Create a “no-fuss, nutritious and great-tasting paleo soup" everyone will love. You’ll have a hot pot of Thanksgiving lovin’ in under 30 minutes.  Recipe here


Do you have more creative uses for our bone broths? We would love to hear them. Comment below!

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