Yes, indeed, all you have to do in a situation where Your diet ceases to bring effect is to stop the decline. However, I am not calling here to abandon my plans and give up on achieving my dreams, and I am only offering a short break. The truth is that we do not sacrifice any activity, even if it initially gives us joy and satisfaction, at some point we observe what is commonly called “material fatigue” or ” burnout.” Whether we work, study or train, we need breaks to act effectively.

Stairs to dream silhouette

The dependence described above can be compared with climbing stairs: even with a good enough form and so after several floors, we notice that each subsequent step is more difficult to overcome, that we move more slowly and slowly lose strength. I think it is not necessary to convince that the introduction of a few breaks in the course of such an expedition will allow in practice to go further than if we tried to cover the entire distance at one time. With slimming as well. Weight loss is like an expedition to the top floor of a skyscraper, which is a significant load for the body, the strength of which has certain limits and which is able to recover if you provide it with the appropriate conditions.

What gives such a reboot in practice?

As the contraction continues, the metabolism begins to slow down, the body goes into economy mode, and it becomes increasingly difficult for us to get it to expend energy, and any methods of increasing effort or additional energy restrictions seem to affect only our well-being and our psychophysical state. The stress associated with prolonged calorie restriction leads to increased levels of cortisol, which can be fatal to muscle tissue and prevent the loss of spare fat. This “break in the diet” allows you to “unlock” metabolism, tolerate mental stress associated with the diet, and in the case of people who, thanks to previous procedures have already reduced a lot of fat-can help raise the level of leptin-an important hormone that regulates the energy economy of the body.

What should such a reboot look like?

Reboot, it’s just a break from the regime, diet for weight loss. During such a break, but can not afford all-out food and accommodation for a week in a pizzeria or under a booth with kebabem. For 5-10 days, you should eat healthy, according to your individual energy needs, without overeating over it, taking care of low-quality foods. Is it possible at this time to afford a few pieces of chocolate, beer or even a hamburger, probably Yes. The basis of the menu should be, however, high-quality food. I emphasize, the reboot is not extended cheat day, although it is worth in its framework to provide rest and odreagowanie stress associated with long-term therapy for weight loss, it is not after all possible to destroy the effects obtained.

Reboot-and then what?

An important question that should not be overlooked: what to do after such a long rest? What ceiling to start with? How much to tighten the notorious “screw” at the start after the break? Yes, indeed, it is best to start cautiously. The body is previously revived, the metabolism is noticeably accelerated, so fat burning will take place more efficiently with less cost than before the introduction of the break. The choice of loads and power restrictions, of course, is individual, I would caution only from the approach: “now I will work with a vengeance!”In addition to a small group of people, jumping at once to high speeds can be simply disastrous.


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