Carnivore's Bone Broth: 3-Day Cleanse


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Our carnivores asked for it and we have delivered! Four bottles of our bone broth and two of our alkalized waters (paired with your own healthy lunch) per day. Tailor your meal to achieve your desired total calorie intake. Designed for you to add one 400 calorie healthy meal per day. Meal suggestions: steamed veggies, lean protein or vegetable protein, legumes.  A total of 18 bottles.


Cleanse includes each of the following products daily for three days:

  • 2 SOOTHE chicken bone broth with or without miso
  • 2 SAVORY beef bone broth
  • 2 Pineapple Basil Water

-Actual cleanse package may vary, depending on availability.

This package contains products with fermented miso soy (gluten free/non gmo) unless requested otherwise. For a complete list of all ingredients in each soup, please see the nutritional label under each soup flavor in the SOUPS page. If you would like to customize your cleanse, please select the PICK YOUR PACK option, create your custom 1 Day Cleanse and then multiply by the number of days you would like to cleanse. For further questions on the PICK YOUR PACK option, please email us at Happy souping!