I have always loved soup, and loved making it from scratch with lots of wholesome vegetables. But with a full time job and 3 sports-active kids, it is hard to be everywhere! I searched high and low at restaurants, delis and retailers but was amazed at how difficult it was to find a truly delicious, non dairy, non-GMO, 100 percent good for you whole foods based soup for the whole family. Shockingly, even supposedly “healthy soups” from restaurants and high end retailers use cream, corn or extracts of MSG to achieve their taste or they are just bad tasting or tasteless. In my view, if I am having a soup with cream, then it better be lobster bisque! But for my daily soup intake and for my family, I need taste and health to go hand and hand. That is why I left my professional career in private equity and founded Soupure – because why shouldn’t we have it all?

Having had a father who passed away from cancer and being a mother of 3 children, I have always been concerned about the relationship of our environment (and food) on our health. It seems many people have the same concerns and as a result many have adopted an “all or nothing” approach to food. I don’t believe in this approach. I believe in balance. I don’t believe in cleanse by starvation. I have tried juice cleanses and they left me feeling deprived, jittery and lethargic. When did fiber get such a bad rap? Isn’t fiber cleansing and isn’t it the most nutrient dense part of the fruit or vegetable? And, I like to chew and enjoy cooked food! I believe our bodies need fiber and foods in a variety of forms (cooked, raw, good fats, etc.). That is why I left my professional career as a lawyer and founded Soupure – because shouldn’t we cleanse smarter?