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We are now offering investment opportunities where you can become a shareholder and be part of our growth.

We’re thrilled to announce that Soupure has been accepted by SeedInvest, the foremost equity crowdfunding platform, to launch an investment opportunity, for you, in Soupure.  

SeedInvest only accepts approximately 1% of their applicants, and Soupure will launch as their very first food & beverage company.




------------  11/13/17 UPDATE ----------

Soupure has been selected by VEB (Venturing & Emerging Brands), a unit of the Coca Cola Company, to be part of VEB’s third installment of Founder’s Forum.  VEB was created with a mission to identify and incubate a portfolio of brands with $1 billion potential.  As part of this mission, the Founder’s Forum program was developed to help fuel select emerging consumer food and beverage businesses.  VEB plays four roles in this program:  as futurist, investor, incubator and integrator.   VEB’s success is also shown by the depth of its portfolio. Some of VEB’s more prominent successes are Honest Tea, ZICO, Fairlife and Suja. 

Each year VEB evaluates 150 to 200 brands, and then proceeds to build a relationship with the founder, assess the brand’s potential, and ultimately invite in 12 companies into the Founder’s Forum program.  Angela Blatteis, Soupure Co-Founder, has been selected to represent Soupure as part of this group that VEB believes has the potential to help shape the food and beverage entrepreneurial landscape for our industries, communities and consumers.  Soupure is excited to be part of such a select program and in the company of so many innovative healthy food brands.  Learning from Coca Cola’s proven leadership and leveraging their resources and partnerships will undoubtedly play a key role in the growth of Soupure’s brand. 



Soupure is on a mission to redefine how we think of food. We bring together the robust flavors of organic produce with convenience.  Fueling today's active consumer, Soupure is part of the new food movement, bringing to market solutions for whole food nutrition on the go.

Every great visionary brand has brought to market a disruptive idea that changed the way the world consumes and interacts with that product.  We believe that Soupure is bringing a valuable and timely disruption to the marketplace to make a positive impact on the quality of lives, one soup at a time.

Starting now, and for the next 60 days, join us and become a Soupure shareholder!  And as you might expect, we will load you up with delicious, free product so you can become an expert on our brand as well!

We believe the best investment is one you can enjoy every day.  Aside from becoming a shareholder, here are a few other perks for being an investor.

 Invest In Your Health And Join The Soup Revolution!



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