Air-Chilled Chicken Bone Broth


Chicken bone broth is the oldest therapeutic tonic found in healing traditions throughout the world, and is considered a restorative soup best known for its protection against colds and flu. But that's not all. Studies show it may also reduce joint pain and inflammation while regenerating hair, skin, bone and nails. Containing a wide spectrum of nutrients and minerals, it may prove to be more biochemically efficient for the body to process than over-the-counter health supplements made of manufactured concentrates. The powerful properties of bone broth effectively restore the body during periods of intense healing without adding the stress of digesting solids, such as post-surgery and after uncomfortably symptomatic illnesses. We have found drinking bone broth daily to support your doctor-advised treatment plan to be highly beneficial, and chicken soup is regularly recommended as a way to aid hydration while providing a gentle system of recovery nutrients.

Organic ingredients include (not a complete list of ingredients; for a complete list, see nutritional label):

  • Organic Air Chilled Chicken Bones

  • Antibiotic-free

  • Miso (also available miso free) 

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