Summer Slimdown


A simple and easy way to shed body fat by incorporating soup into your regular healthy lifestyle.  Soupure's Summer Slimdown program can be done in 10-day increments, where you have 2-3 soups each day before your planned meal - or - as your meal itself. The whole food based soups provide volume, fiber and protein which are satiating and creates a sense of feeling full.  This helps to curb the appetite and re-train the body's cravings for starchy and rich foods.  

  • Effective way to help reset your "appetite thermostat"
  • Experience increased energy and more even energy levels throughout the day
  • A simple to follow regimen that is designed around 10-day intervals, and can easily be repeated

Here’s what you get:


  • Summer Slimdown Program Guide with your daily schedule, recipes and meal/snacking guidelines
  • (2) Lentil Chickpea
  • (2) Chlorophyll Split Pea
  • (2) Japanese Sweet Potato
  • (2) Kale Minestrone
  • (2) Zucchini Basil
  • (2) Tomato Basil
  • (2) Spicy Asparagus Leek
  • (1) Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric
  • (5) Strawberry Sprouted Cashew
  • (4) Broths (Chicken Bone Broth - OR - Vegetable Broth & Lemongrass Consomme if Vegan option is selected)



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