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Protein Packed Edamame Hummus

Protein Packed Edamame Hummus

Our Edamame Hummus is a protein packed superfood that only takes 15 minutes to make. A great way to get your veggies in with an appetizer that is perfect for the beach, picnic, watching a movie, or cocktail party. However you choose to consume, we hope you enjoy! Recipe: Makes 3 cups...
Lessons from the Blue Zones

Lessons from the Blue Zones

Here at Soupure we like living in the blue! Why? Because Blue Zones are the places on earth with the largest concentration of octogenarians (people ages 80-89 years old)! Researchers identified the commonalities amongst the diets and lifestyles of these communities, locations including Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Costa Rica’s Nicoya...
Longevity: It’s Not All About the Kale

Longevity: It’s Not All About the Kale

They say that 100 is the new 60.  But, they don’t tell you how to get there. Of course, the genes we inherit play an important part in longevity. But studies suggest that genes constitute about one-third of the factors leading to long life.  The other two-thirds have to do...


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